Monday, April 6, 2009

И Все-Таки Я Люблю ... And All the Same I Love...

This is a modern serial which takes place in the early sixties in the Soviet Union.

It's 24 series and 1230 minutes. It is roughly in two halves but I'll spoil some if it I explain what the halves are.

It has Russian sound and Russian subtitles.

It's the story of Vera, a girl who grew up in a orphanage that comes to Moscow to work in a factory and meets and falls in love with Max who is the son of a well off General.

It's kind of a sad movie but I think it reveals many things about Russian life. I really enjoyed it.

All these movies have themes that are a little hard to understand if you have not spent time in Russia or at least studying the history of the country.

One constant theme is the disregard for the value of a human life and you will see a lot of that in this film. Another theme is the constant danger around people and from places you can't predict.

Each of these movies I review has it's own lexicon and they are all great if you are learning Russian.


  1. я смотрю фильмы с русским переводом на этом ресурсе отпала вообще необходимость в скачивании, они постоянно транслируют самые последние фильмы в хорошем качестве и на полный экран .